Telepathic by Birth, Trouble by Nature

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If you love eric and hate bill on true blood, but find alexander skarsgard sexy….your opinion is invalid. That’s pretty much 99% of you. It’s obvious most people only like eric because they find him ‘hotter’


It has nothing to do with it. Please….WTF are you…

If Alexander played Bill, Bill would still be an asshole.  Just a pretty one.

Seriously? My opinion is invalid because I find the actor who plays Eric attractive? I think Stephen Moyer is attractive as well, but that doesn’t mean I have to like the character he plays. Finding an actor attractive does not blind you to their character’s faults. I’ve called Eric out on the shit he’s done over the years, the same way I’ve called out Bill. I don’t like Eric because he’s hot. I like him because he’s a complex character with many layers. And, I don’t dislike Bill because Eric is hot. I dislike Bill because time and time again he’s been shown to be a lying, manipulative, abusive jerk. Looks have nothing to do with it. 

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I’ve seen a post about this before, but I thought I’d try to put my thoughts on this subject into words.

I don’t hate Sookie, or hate her because she’s not with Eric.

I hate the writers for doing this to her character. I hate Bill Compton. Because Bill is Sookie’s…

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the horror and concentration on his face

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Animated Animal Facts by @mrwhaite [qi]

Idk, I think my favourite is the drop and roll sheep. I’m going to be checking out farm gates VERY closely the next time we’re out in the country.

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